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January 6, 2019

New addition to CULTISTS

28mm Cultists, Wizards, zombies, and Creatures - Dwarf War Council

Dwarf General's War Council

What's New

February 02, 2018

New addition to the CULTISTS

0281 Wizard Reading Spellbook
0285 Wizard with Staff, Pipe and Crow familiar

December 07, 2016

New addition to the CULTISTS

0776 Undead Wizard

Also shown in his guise as Santa Corpse, perfect for all your Seasonal needs! - It's just one figure, but he's so nice we showed him twice!

November 09, 2016

New addition to the CULTISTS

0775 Giant Spiders (X2)

0775 Giant Spiders (X2)

Two giant spiders, to terrify one and all

October 18, 2016

New addition to the CULTISTS

0774 Giant Rats (X2)

0774 Giant Rats (X2)

Two giant rats, 30mm from curve of tail to tip of nose

October 04, 2016

New addition to the SCAVENGERS

0773 Wasteland Bounty Hunter

0773 Wasteland Bounty Hunter

September 28, 2016

We're back from Summer shows and travels, with new releases!

New addition to the CULTISTS

0772 Goat-headed Cultist - (2 views)

Sculpted by Gary Hunt, of Gary Hunt Miniatures.

Is he a masked and costumed cultist, or a Dark God come to Earth?

He's also listed on the Phagons page, as he makes a fine Phagon Noble, or Psyker, or Priest...

June 28, 2016

New additions to the CULTISTS, a pair of Zombies...

0770 Female Zombie

0771 Male Zombie

May 2, 2016

The GLADIATORS were temporarily unavailable, but are now available again, in all their glory.

April 13, 2016


The Primitives (and Cultist 2) are also useful as Barbarians, Caveman, Pulp Natives, or Near Future Savages

0122 Primitive 1

0123 Primitive 2

0124 Primitive 3

0125 Primitive 4

April 7, 2016


0158 Cultist 1

0166 Cultist 2

0282 Penitent

0283 Monk

0284 Bishop

0364 Cultist 3

April 7, 2016

New Page: GUNS

WEP001 Assault Rifles


March 30, 2016

It's just over 2 weeks to Salute (16th April) so now's the time to get those pre-orders in. The em4 Walled Farm will be available at its "shows-only" price of £70.00 but we only have a few at each show so a pre-order is advised (£10.00 deposit).

If you want Future Skirmish, Dunwich Detectives, Spacelords or any other Moonraker Miniatures, once again a pre-order is advised.

Send your requirements to: moonrakerminiatures@btinternet.com

Mar 03, 2016

C3291b Walker "Hammerhead" Mk. II

Feb 03, 2016

PHAGON WALKERS page added:

First release, C3291e Walker "Stinger" Mk. IA

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